Welcome to Teriyaki Express!

Just like in Japan, the focus of Teriyaki Express is to provide excellent customer service, quality fresh products at affordable prices and as fast and efficient as possible.

We believe in providing customers an “oishii” delicious taste with every bite by making the freshest sushi and hot meals to serve. Our Teriyaki Sauce is made in house and contains no preservative to compromise the “umami” well-balanced glazed.

We offer: 

  • Large variety of Sushi
  • Chicken: Katsu, Teriyaki, Karaage, Udon, Oyakodon and Curry
  • Fish: Katsu, Teriyaki, Udon and Curry
  • Beef: Teriyaki, Udon and Curry
  • Salmon: Teriyaki
  • Poke Bowl: with Salmon, Tuna and Hot Meat
  • All hot meals can be served as a Donburi (Rice and Salad) or Bento ( Rice, Salad, Fruit Salad, Sushi)

We also have a growing mini mart with Japanese snacks, teas, instant noodles, ice creams and ingredients such as Yakisoba Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Yakiniku Sauce, Curry Roux, Miso Paste and Rice Vinegar to inspire your cooking at home.

Our extensive service also includes providing Sushi platters for catering events since the very beginning in 2018. Our convenient Raine Square location right in the heart of Perth CBD is perfect for pick-up. We are right opposite Yagan Square in between Northbridge and the Perth Underground Train Station.

You can order and customise your Sushi platter in store, Try us for your next office meeting, lunch party, wedding, casual gathering or simply a picnic in Kings Park : )

Order now
Order now

Teriyaki Express is here for your Sushi Catering needs in Perth CBD. Preorder online and simply pick up in store in Raine Square next day. We can cater fresh sushi for | Company receptions | Wedding parties | Office meetings | Family events | School lunch | etc.

Please order with us in store a day before.
We will have your order ready in time. 

Michelle, WeWork

We are ordering Sushi Platters from Teriyaki Express for our office meetings on a regular basis. We love their healthy and fresh sushi catering platters and their location in Perth, CBD is very convenient for us.

Sushi is an excellent choice for catering as it is best eaten at room temperature and stays fresh in the fridge for hours. The snack-ability due to the great variety of Sushi is incomparable with most other food items. It is not only perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner, but also for that little entertaining snack in between for receptions, gatherings, weddings, events and meetings.

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